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Michael G. Haran, Proprietor


Posted by on Apr 1, 2013


I just read Matthew Wilson’s Close to Home article on why he quit cycling. This man’s riding experiences sound like he has (or had) an overabundance of bad bike karma. One of his comments struck me as why it’s a good think he quit riding. No one should stick their hand out in traffic let alone make a left turn without knowing where the traffic is around you. If you are not 100% sure of what’s behind you STOP, get off the road and turn your bike parallel to the road. Look both ways and then proceed. Common sense goes a long way in safe cycling. My riding partner has long advocated that it should be a law that every cyclist should have to wear a helmet with a small rearview mirror attached to it. We would never ride without these two indispensable safety features. Seeing one hundred yards behind you only requires quick glance without having to turn your head. Here’s to safe and happy cycling.

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