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Posted by on Aug 29, 2013


Healdsburg Tribune 8/29/2013

Let me get this straight. Gary Plass doesn’t think that the Healdsburg city council should be wasting their time endorsing a ban on assault weapons because “it would open the door to a variety of issues coming before the council presented by political parties on the right and the left.” Hello? Why should the council care about who brings a legitimate issue before the council. I would like to think that the council is intelligent enough to make a judgment on whether an issue is appropriate for city business. I know that Healdsburg is a small town but does that mean our city council should have small minds? It makes me proud that the rest of the city council saw endorsing a ban on assault weapons and for that matter same-sex marriage, as the right thing to do.

It’s a shame that Plass doesn’t have the time to support a national issue that he doesn’t think is also a local issue. Just ask Sandy Hook, Aurora and Columbine if it isn’t a local issue. But he has enough time to waste the town’s time and money on an ill-advised one-way street.



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