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Understanding Trump

Posted by on Oct 20, 2020

By: Michael Haran


After Trump’s comments about ingesting toxic disinfectants many people are worried that Trump is going insane. Although it sure seems like it, sanity is not the issue. The issue is Trump, more than likely, has an under developed brain.

In the book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, 37 psychiatrists and mental health experts weighed in on the profound public dangers of Trump’s manifest psychological disorders. Chauncey DE Vega’s AlterNet Interview with psychologist Dr. John Gartner does an in-depth analysis of “how” Trump’s mental disorders are manifested, but the “why” I think is more telling.

Trump is not Adolf Hitler but he shares many of Hitler’s disorders like addictions to lies, and the appeal to wounded followers through the dehumanization of target groups. In trump’s case those include African Americans, Muslims, women, Hispanics, and migrants. I agree with the assessment that Trump is a malignant narcissist but I believe the reason for why he thinks and acts the way he does is because he suffers from an under developed prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex which is responsible for the so-called executive functions such as concentration/focus, organization, planning, self-control, self-confidence and empathy. The prefrontal lobe is the last part of the brain to develop and it develops later in males than females. This is why car rental companies won’t rent a car to anyone under the age of 25. When a male child or adolescent misbehaves it’s not that they don’t want to it’s because they can’t – their self-control isn’t developed yet. This is also why males enjoy juvenile humor more than females. In some people the prefrontal cortex never fully develops.

This is why Trump doesn’t read, even the president’s daily briefings, and leaves organization to others. This is why he can’t plan for the future and only lives in the moment. This is why he can’t show empathy for the thousands of people who have been killed by this virus or their families and, in fact, take a kind of joy in them. This is why he can’t control himself at his press conferences. This is why his inferiority and paranoia doesn’t allow him to accept responsibility and forces him to cast endless blame. This is why he is trying to strangle the Post Office as a way of getting even with Jeff Bezos, who’s Washington Post has exposed may of his mental illnesses, by increasing Amazon shipping costs never mind that it’s the consumer who will ultimately pay. This is why he would rather divide rather than unite. And this is why he is incapable of being an effective leader in a time of crisis.

Since Trump was elected, I learned many new words like narcissism, misogyny, hedonism – can you think of any others?

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